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The Virtual Ubuntu Server Appliance aka VubuntuS, is an "all in one" Linux Server, which provides a highly configurable, robust, platform while ensuring a lite weight configuration, rich with features.
It is unique in its kind, and is based on proven industry technology.

The Modules and Services selected have been Quality Assured in production environments over long periods of time & tweaked to high performance while ensuring the stability, security, & scalability that any audience demands.

VubuntuS is a classic Turn Key solution to the Small to Medium Business, while providing everything from a Trouble Ticket System to a Network AntiVirus Gateway.

The appliance was built using Ubuntu & Linux packages. The OS and its configuration is tweaked in its layout including partitioning.
The Ubuntu packages selected were chosen because of there proven stability in production working environments that I administer and configure.
They are separately optimized in configuration to ensure compatibility.
All custom packages were built on a separate replica of this machine and then moved across. No local compiling was done.

Please view the README section below for further instructions.

Your server comes pre-installed with many modules, You may login to the System using the Following Users / Passwords

Username: vmadmin
Password: password

Username: root
Password: password

Please change these passwords as soon as possible. You may use the preinstalled Webmin Service to do so.

The desktop manager (User Interface) is FluxBox, a lite weight and robust X-windows manager for Linux. The Default web pages that you are currently reading are located in /var/www/ The server also is preinstalled with a static IP:
Changing this IP will effect your servers PreInstalled modules, such as the email Server (Postfix).
Please review and understand the system before changing critical settings.

Your server is Preinstalled with the following Services:

  • Email with AntiSpam/AntiVirus: Postfix, MailScanner, ClamAV
  • Proxy Filter: Squid, Dansguardian, ClamAV
  • SSL VPN: ssl-explorer
  • Web Server: Apache2
  • Ticketing Server: Request-Tracker3.4
  • Network and System Monitoring: nagios
  • FireWall, FTP, DNS, DHCP, CVS, Samba, and much much more....

All other Services can be enabled, disabled, or configured via Webmin or directly via the conf files for each service.
In addition there are custom setup scripts that could help you setup the system in:

I hope you find this Setup as effective as possible, enjoy!

Jacob Baloul
* Find additonal information on
setup & configuration at HowToForums




Server Administration Webmin
"Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any browser that supports tables and forms (and Java for the File Manager module), you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and so on.
Webmin consists of a simple web server, and a number of CGI programs which directly update system files like /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/passwd. The web server and all CGI programs are written in Perl version 5, and use no non-standard Perl modules."

SSL VPN SSL-Explorer
"SSL-Explorer is the world's first open-source, browser-based SSL VPN solution. This unique remote access solution provides users and businesses alike with a means of securely accessing network resources from outside the network perimeter using only a standard web browser. "

Monitoring System

"Nagios® is a host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your clients, end-users or managers do. The monitoring daemon runs intermittent checks on hosts and services you specify using external "plugins" which return status information to Nagios. When problems are encountered, the daemon can send notifications out to administrative contacts in a variety of different ways (email, instant message, SMS, etc.). Current status information, historical logs, and reports can all be accessed via a web browser."

BandWidth Stats

"darkstat is a network traffic analyzer. It's basically a packet sniffer which runs as a background process on a cable/DSL router and gathers all sorts of useless but interesting statistics. "

Ticket System

"RT is an enterprise-grade ticketing system which enables a group of people to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues, and requests submitted by a community of users."

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